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Thumbtack badges
These were awarded based on customer satisfaction ratings.



From my supervisor at Triad Business Marketing

"I've worked full-time and freelance for a number of illustrious advertising agencies before and since Triad Business Marketing, and the feather in the cap of my career has been working as a senior interactive writer/editor for Hallmark Cards. I can honestly say that, looking back over the past 30 years, I have never encountered a more talented, more creative, more conscientious, or more dependable individual than Lee Dean. Or anyone more agreeable to work with. It will always be the biggest disappointment of my professional life that I did not get to team with Lee Dean a lot longer."
—Earl L. Beemer, Huge Lee Dean Fan (I mean it!)

To the president of my former ad agency


Lee's concepts KICK ASS. Note his "rock solid" creative rationale for updating LeTourneau's logo. . . but Lee's point is well taken and his design is modern and clean. . .You might want to show these PDFs to Joey Berry (LeTourneau's CEO) today.
—Earl Beemer
Creative Director, Triad Marketing

Regarding a brochure concept

Hi, Lee

I love what you've done with the layout. I don't generally lapse into Jimmie Walker mode, but DYE-NO-M I I I I T E!  Great work!
—Earl Beemer
Creative Director, Triad Marketing

During the absence of the former CD at Behringer Harvard


Special thanks to you in leading the team so well during the past few weeks despite the overwhelming number of requests and the absence of the creative director.
—David Paul

Investor Relations Manager, Behringer Harvard

For a Behringer Harvard property promotion

... I tried calling you earlier to let you know what a fabulous job Tom, Lee, Laurie, & Alex did on this job. We started end of day last Friday and the results were unbelievable. Laurie hit the copy, Lee hit the creative and Alex worked his e- magic and Tom facilated this project with his usual creativeness and punctuality. Glad I'm a member of such a great team! Thanks for making me look good with our field!!

—Zan Glover
Marketing Manager, Behringer Harvard

Agreed. Lee shared the creative with me and I loved it. Great job, team!

—Kellie Richter
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Behringer Harvard




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